Available soon.

Please enquire using the Contact form on this site and tell me why you would make a great owner for any of these cats. 

Jemdon Limited Edition is a mature Lilac male Burmese looking for a lap of his own. He is 4 years old, has always been superbly healthy. Hes very muscular and heavy, a quite macho example of the breed. He is slow to warm up to a stranger but once he puts his trust in you, hes yours forever.  No dogs, other cats or very young children. Ideally, we would love him to go to a home with acreage or an outside run, but its not a deal breaker. (no photos at this time)


Miamber Silver Minuette is a young Burmilla girl that just doesnt want to be a mother. She is  a lovely Black Silver Tipped female aged 12 months old. 


Miamber Purrditas Bonnie will be available for rehoming soon.

She is a beautiful Black Silver Tipped female aged 4 years. Bonnie is very loving and affectionate. She is fine with well behaved small dogs and children, but no other cats.