We’ve decided to go ahead and rehome Maple. We greatly appreciate your help as we want to find the most suitable home for her.


Maple  is a very sweet, affectionate and talkative cat. That loves to have her tummy rubbed and have a cuddle on the couch. She is also happy to be picked up and cuddled in your arms.


She would do better in a quieter house with no dogs. As a busy, noisy house makes her nervous. When she feels this way she will hide and won’t come out (which is most of the time in our house). She gets on with our other cat but he is boisterous and dominates over her. Maple is not aggressive at all. She might do better in a house with a calmer cat or no other cats.


Maple’s microchip No. 956000008382201. 

Please contact Bianca on Bianca Hall bianca@halltribe.com for more information.