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Its time for some of our beautiful cats to retire and adorn the end of somebodys bed. 

The cats I have on my list are either about to be desexed, or are already desexed, but may not be ready to leave until I am assured that they will make good indoor only companions,  They are available at a minimal adoption cost. Price will vary according to  how much hormonal and medical vet work is required to prepare the cat for living inside as a family companion. 

Unless you are experienced at integrating an adult cat and have the patience to do so, please only consider an adult retiree if you dont have other cats, or inside dogs.

Please enquire using our Contact form and provide some information about yourself and your living situation. 

Freight interstate is avaialble at buyers expense. 

Ali is a young 14 month old Female. She has never had kittens and is desexed. She is a loving, affectionate and quiet cat who will make a lovely companion for a professional person or mature adult. ***She does love to sleep in her owners bed. She is perfectly fine being at home on her own so is suitable for someone who works. She MUST NOT live with another cat. If you have other cats or intend to acquire another cat in her lifetime, please do not enquire.

Please enquire using the Contact Form and provide some information about yourself. 

We will shortly have an adult male Burmilla for adoption, Please enquire using the Contact form

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