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Our Burmese and Mandalay cats are DNA clear for Hypokalaemia by parentage, our Burmilla cats are DNA clear for Hypokalaemia and Polycystic Kidney Disease by parentage. All our breeding cats are from FeLV and FIV tested cats and the population is randomly tested just in case. Our cat population is also randomly cardiac screened for Mitral Valve Dysplasia and Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia as well as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Heart problems exist in cat breeds, e.g. Sphynx, Ragdoll and Maine Coon, some breeds more than others. 

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Miamber and Blackglama try to keep Corona Virus at minimum levels in the cat population, we follow guidelines to reduce the transmission of the virus in our cats. This has resulted in some changes to the way we do things including the timing of vaccination, desexing and rehoming to reduce stress load, and add some requirements for the selection of suitable homes. 

This is a risk with any cat or kitten no matter where you acquire it from as Corona Virus is carried in a huge majority of the cat population.  If you have another cat and purchase a kitten, placing them together creates a small risk for one or both. This risk has always been there, we are just more aware of it now. Corona Virus in cats is not the same virus which causes Covid, it lives in the intestinal tract of a cat and is passed along by shared litter trays. Cats do not "catch" FIP from other cats, including their mother. 

All kitten and cat owners should learn about this dreaded disease. Once considered fatal, there is now treatment available. 

The treatment options are still evolving, can be lengthy dependent upon the type of FIP and the stage the disease has progressed to.  Medications, once hard to get, illegal and very expensive are becoming more affordable and easier to administer. Currently there are Clinical Trials in progress at Sydney University.  Diagnosis is tricky, but with vets being able to access Remdesivir and Molnupiravir now a treatment trial can be commenced, the cats improvement on treatment signals the diagnosis. 

Please do read the information provided  below about FIP. Its best to be forewarned and forearmed as the earlier you get a diagnosis the more likely your kitten or cat may start treatment and survive, 

Sydney University will also be conducting two trials, parents or veterinarians can contact Professor Jacqueline Norris ( or Dr Sally Coggins ( Veterinarians who have not treated FIP previously should also contact Dr Gretta Howard ( or Professor Richard Malik (

For more technical information you can click on the link below to read more about FIP although some of this information may have been updated since the article was written

 I cannot stress enough, you should have Pet Insurance, those big ticket items and accidents can cost a lot of money. FIP treatment is not generally covered by Insurance but the vet visits and testing should be.

All my kittens owners are asked to generate their free 30 day insurance with Trupanion. Kitten owners can call them  24/7 on 1300 328 049 to activate their free cover. or use the QR code provided by myself. 


Have a read through this link about why Insurance is important, from a Vets perspective

How Dog & Cat Health Insurance Makes Sense | Walkerville Vet 


Make sure to  check the Waiting periods and requirements and use the time to research your Insurance companies and find the policy that suits your budget and needs, and ask questions! 

Dental Health

It is up to you to adequately maintain your cats teeth and gums. 

 (1) Regularly wash out your cats  food and water bowl with hot soapy water your cats water dish to remove the biofilm, that slimy coating on the bowl. You can read about how serious Biofilm potentially is at Microsoft Word - Zambori formatat.doc (

(2) get your cats teeth regularly checked to make sure there is no early dental disease or loose or broken teeth. Bacterial          buildup in your cats mouth can seriously damage their kidneys. Cats are very able to mask signs of pain, and it may be too late by the time you notice your cat not eating or drooling. Some serious dental issues will require complete removal of all teeth. 

(3) Consider using a water additive to prevent tartar buildup from the very beginning. Tartar preventing products such as Royal Canin Oral Care in adulthood is also very useful. There are also some very good gel products to put in over the teeth daily. 

(4) You can try cleaning your cats teeth with cat specific toothpaste. I have never had any luck doing it, but you never know. 

Heart Health


Over 30+ years we have had few issues with hearts, although young kittens can have low grade heart murmurs due to uneven growth rates, which resolve over time. Many of our cats have been heart scanned by a certified Cardiologist who visits Adelaide on a regular basis. There is a huge demand for cardiac screening amongst the dog breeders in Adelaide, I am usually only able to get 4 appointments every few months, they are also expensive! We will always tell you if our vet has found a heart murmur in the kitten you are purchasing and give you information to support your options;  If your vet finds a heart murmur after purchase please notify us. 

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