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CFA GD Ch Miamber Im It And A Bit

.Miamber Beautiful Dreamer of Kitzn


Miamber Lucky Charm of Kitzn

Miamber Burmillas around the world !


From the first Miamber Burmilla to Grand in CFA!! Miamber Silver Melody of Kitzn to the most recent in 2019  GD CH Miamber Im It And A Bit of Kasanovakatz


In 2010 four Miamber Burmilla kittens were sent to the Kitzn cattery in Pennsylvania USA to start a Burmilla breeding program. CFA is notoriously conservative and slow to progress new breeds, with  very strict criteria to bring a breed to Championship status.  Keith Kimberlin of Kitzn cattery worked extremely hard developing a core group of dedicated breeders who invested money and effort in ensuring that as many CFA judges saw Burmilla at CFA shows. In 2014 the CFA voted to accept the Burmilla breed for full Championship status, a record breaking fast track for a new breed!!

Now TICA has also accepted the Burmilla for Championship in the USA. The Burmilla has come of age and is now a worldwide breed.

Miamber Burmillas are also to be found in the Pedigrees of Burmilla in Europe and the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand.


Miamber Im It And A Bit (USA)

MIamber Silva Nimbus (USA)

Miamber Silver Troubador (UK)

Miamber Silver Khye (ND)

Miamber Silver Osiris (ND)

Miamber Silver Suriya (CZ)

Miamber Silver Aloe Vera (DK)

Miamber Silver Zeus (NZ)

Miamber Silver Tarj (NZ)


Miamber cattery has invested money in importing new bloodlines into Australia, this has helped the type of our cats to progress. Many thanks to Dee Cattery in the Czech Republic for entrusting us with Xcuse Me I Am Emil Dee*CZ and the Roemah Koetjing Cattery in the Netherlands for Roemah Koetjing Silver Simba. Emil in particular donated some very positive features to our breeding program, our best green eye colour comes from his offspring to our cats.

In 2021 we added a US Import Kasanovakatz Reynahs Ethyn to our stud lineup. Ethyn is a lovely Burmilla male who also carries Longhair, I am hoping that we will see some beautiful Longhair Burmilla kittens from him. 





















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