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The Tenayshus Griffon journey started with the arrival of Statuesque Pumpkins Pride for a very special birthday present. Although I was more of a "cat person" than a doggie person Ollie completely changed my outlook and I perspective.  A more special breed of dog you wouldnt find than the Griffon Bruxellois, they are fabulous family pets, cat like, friendly and so loving. They co exist happily with our cats and help us turn out dog socialised Burmilla and Mandalay kittens. We only have the occasional litter but when we do I am besotted with these little charmers.   Griffons are lively happy and loving little dogs. They come in Rough and Smooth coat , however as the Rough requires hand stripping I prefer the Smooth coat. At the moment I only breed in Red, although I am very keen to acquire a Black. There is always a waiting list for our puppies, we only breed from health tested dogs as much as possible. I am a current financial member of Dogs SA


Some dogs we have bred and owned, some still currently living with us. 

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