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The original brick in a silk glove bedbug, theres nothing like a Burmese or its cousin the Mandalay. Loving, affectionate and playful, the burmese has two speeds, flat steap or passed out on your lap. They are extremely inquisitive and active, and will insist on sleeping in your bed,  Up high is where Burmese love to be, your benchtops and bookcases are not out of bounds where a Burmese is concerned.

The Australian Bombay has now been rebadged as the Mandalay. Mandalay kittens are just like Burmese, only in a full colour coat. They are quite stong minded and opinionated cats which dont take no for an answer easily. Mandalay kittens grow into Mandalay adults with a kitten llike personality and are the life and soul of any party at your house. They are very attention seeking and affectionate and insist on being part of every aspect of your life, dont expect ot ever go to the bathroom unaccompanied again when theres a Mandalay in the house

 The Burmilla is a man made breed developed over the last 35 years, designed to show the best features of Burmese and Chinchilla, the sweet, loving and playful disposition of the Burmese and the sparkling silver coat, lambent green eyes and the contrast of eye liner and nose liner from the Chinchilla. A very easy breed to live with, quiet and easy going. Not always the life of the party when there are strangers involved, but very devoted to their owners.

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