The Mandalay kitten is exactly like a Burmese but just a little more special, with no more than 4 breeders in Australia, and only one breeder in Adelaide (us) you will not see many of these around. They are people loving, shoulder riding, bed bugs and will play maniacally with a sock for hours. The  Mandalay is only registered and shown in the Full Expression colours, however we often get Burmese coloured kittens as well, these are called Mandalay also and are often referred to as VARIANTS,. The Self colour of the Mandalays is rich, dark and glamaorous. The Mandalay was previously known as the Australian Bombay but was " rebadged" in June 2013. The Mandalay Breed standards can be found  on the Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australias  website as well as on the ACF website.