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First came the Burmese, then the British Shorthair was added to give the full expression colours in the Australian Bombay. For years these cats were only bred in Black, a rather unhealthy situation, to only be able to keep one colour. Some years ago the breed Mandalay was approved and all the other colours, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac and now Red, Cream and Tortie are allowed.  The Mandalay is a strong minded cat, a fun loving and companionable sock stealing, bed snuggling shoulder riding, absolutely fabulous feline. We can produce litters which contain a rainbow of colours, from Black all the way down to Lilac, however our most usual colours are Black, Burmese Brown, Mandalay Chocolate and Burmese Chocolate. We dont breed a lot of Mandalay litters, however we have found dedicated owners are prepared to join our waiting list for their very own sleek, shiny house panther

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