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Pregnancy News!!

Mandalay and Burmese coloured kittens due mid July from Miamber Black Jax and Miamber its Lilac Time

Burmilla kittens to be can send me an expression of interest for out Waiting List using the Contact Form

Please read all the way to the bottom of the page before enquiring.

Miamber has over 35 years of breeding experience of our wonderful felines. You will find we have an impeccable reputation for being honest and ethical registered breeders. As an All Shorthair judge I am more than qualified to select our breeding stock for their beautiful appearance, as well as the best in temperament, personality and resilience. We stand behind our breeding, always have, and always will. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive, but families coming back in each generation to get another Miamber kitten is testament to our reputation. 


Kittens will stay with us until at least 13-14 weeks of age, this is to minimise stress on immature immune systems by spreading out the process of vaccination, desexing and relocation to another home.  

All kittens and puppies will leave with an immediate FREE 30 days Insurance Policy with Trupanion. 

Yes, we can send your kitten to you on the plane, please ask for costs, we can provide very reasonably priced flights. 


Your kittens pricing includes desexing, microchipping direct into your name, pedigree in your name, age appropriate vaccination and a Royal Canin Kitten Pack which includes a free bag of Royal Canin kitten food and further 25% discount vouchers. 

We know scammers proliferate on the internet and that you need reassurance we are the genuine article . If you require confirmation that our kittens do actually exist I can do Whattsapp Video calls where you can see the kitten live. You can also Google the Miamber and Blackglama Prefixes and contact the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia. for confirmation I am a legitimate registered breeder. 


Unfortunately, there have been some substantial price increases in food, vet and litter costs in the past three years. I have not put any price increase in place since 2022 however I am now forced to do so. Even the postage costs of my carry boxes have increased by over 100%. However in comparison to some other breeds, which are commonly available around the country, mine are very reasonably priced. 

​Burmilla Shorthair $2150

Burmilla Longhair $2500.00

​Mandalay Black $2250.00

Mandalay All Other Colours $2200.00

Burmese colours $2150

Freight can be organised for very reasonable rates at purchasers expense, we use Moorholme Pet Transport

We do operate a Waiting List for people who are happy to wait for a kitten bred by us, buyers on that list get priority on kitten offers.  If you are shopping around or are not fussed as to which breeder you acquire your kitten from then there is no need to join our Waiting List. 

Once you are offered a kitten we require a $500.00 Holding Fee with the balance due prior to the desexing of the kitten. *Please note that the Holding Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you simply change your mind. The Holding Fee can be transferable to a different litter if necessary. . 

Please feel free to inquire if we have kittens available.  We do run a Waiting List for people who those who wish to acquire a kitten from us and are prepared to wait for us to breed one. If you are shopping around please keep moving right along.

Return & Refund Policy

If the Buyer is unable to keep the cat, for any reason, at any time, the Buyer may return and surrender the Cat to the Seller, we will always welcome our kittens back or assist in rehoming. Please understand that we are unable to offer refunds in this situation as there are costs involved in housing returned cats/kittens. 

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