Kittens for Sale

Our pricing includes desexing, microchipping, age appropriate vaccination and a Royal Canin Kitten Pack which includes a free bag of kitten food and further 25% discount vouchers. 

Burmilla Shorthair $1200

Burmilla Longhair $1800

Mandalay Black $1600

Mandalay All Other Colours $1400

Mandalay Variants (Burmese colours) $1200

We require a $200.00 Holding Fee with the balance due prior to the desexing of the kitten. *Please note that the Holding Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you simply change your mind.

Please feel free to inquire if we have kittens available. 

I got left behind over Christmas, and now people think Im not little or cute and cuddly enough, but im actually quite small and at the best age for taking a kitten home. I have had everything done and am ready to make somebodies lap my own